Internet Gambling and Online Lottery

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Internet gambling

Internet gambling and online lottery are booming industries, and the black market for these products is enormous. While regulated in some countries, they are illegal in others. Regulatory authorities and experts have noted that there is a risk that Internet gambling and online lottery operations could become a target for money laundering. A report from the U. S. government’s National Gambling Impact Study Commission argues that regulating Internet gambling is necessary to ensure that it does not pose a threat to public safety.

While the federal government has yet to regulate Internet gambling and online lottery activities, many states have legalized these activities. Eleven states allow the purchase of lottery tickets over the internet and online lottery subscriptions. Five states have also legalized Internet gambling and online lottery activities. However, Michigan and West Virginia have not yet legalized these activities.


While online lottery sales have been a welcome source of revenue for many state governments, they have also caused a number of problems. Some state governments have been hesitant to allow digital lottery sales because they believe they may lead to compulsive behavior. Retail associations have also voiced concerns. While it is unlikely that online lottery sales will have an impact on the overall safety of the lottery industry, consumers should be aware of the risks.


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